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Kip the son is taught a lesson to take Chai Dao to cut off by father its are aud
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"Cut off at a draught the son is auditive, do you regret now? " " regret! " Cao Fu is choking with sobs to say, cut off not carefully after the son is auditive, his family person cried sadly at that time. Hear son edge to cry especially edge (to him) say: "You cut me at the same time auditive, I dare not go out to see a person, I can hate you all one's life... " this word when, he is more afflictive extremely, heart also almost by the son this word " shake is broken " .

See father weeps, lie in the Xiaocao on sickbed, also couldn't help crying, although give father accidentally drop,expressed to cut off an ear, but won't hate father accordingly. "Actually, father also is good for me, be my fault, I can learn well after. " Xiaocao brushs the tear in eye socket to answer a reporter so.

Dispatch of our newspaper Zhan Jiang (photography reports reporter Guan Jiayu) in the school not obedient, often piquant make trouble, confront the son of a such refuse to mend one's ways despite of repeated admonition, "Of one mind hopes children will have a bright future, set a high demand on somebody in the hope that he will improve " father, the knife chopping bavin in build up is held under one anger, accidentally drop cut off the ear of own son.

Yesterday afternoon, cao Mou is in the child father that sits beside son sickbed to be told about to the reporter case " cut ear " when the course of incident, be unable to bear or endure fell to string together string sad heat up a tear with what regret.

The son escapes the class plays game

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter sees in the hospital, lie in the Xiaocao of 15 years old of high school students on sickbed, full gauze is wrapped on the head, it is the be frighted when the ear that be cut probably excessive, when the reporter seeing first, there still are a few minutes in Xiaocao's expression alarmed.

Xiaocao tells a reporter, he comes from blueness of cheap river city to make the same score village of the shop that press down a nest appoint meeting culver village, it is Qing Ping at the beginning of the middle school one (1) class student. Last week day in the morning, he should be answered originally school make up a missed lesson. But natural disposition is good him what move, did not attend make up a missed lesson, game plays in the unit room of a game that seeks additionally two classmates to go up to Qing Pingwei together however, play table tennis...

On week early in the morning, classmaster thanks a teacher to examine minutely why he didn't attend class. He then ground of in full detail told the circumstance to thank a teacher. After be informed the true state of affairs, thank a teacher to call to tell Xiaocao's father the circumstance instantly.

Xiaocao's father says then, after receiving the telephone call that thanks a teacher 18 days morning, of one mind longs for child he what become dragon, to the son " behavior " very furious.

That day midday 12 when much, he hurried to the school from the village namely, after waiting for those who knew a son to concern a situation to the president, teacher, preparation brings back the son a few days are taught well in the home, let him answer again school attend class. After obtaining the school to agree, he compels a son to answer a dormitory to clear away clothings then, come home immediately.
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