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Father life changes a daughter to see image alone only
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To make the dream of the daughter that chase after a star, "Vermicelli made from bean starch " father casts sea suicide to die actually, with dead minatory Liu Dehua. Tragedy of this mysterious one act world happens in the Hong Kong March 26. According to coverage of Hong Kong media, chase after Liu Dehua madly the 13 Lanzhou female songs that record confuse Yang Lijuan, the song friend that day attended harbor to attend Liu Dehua together with parents last week is met, its father is in unexpectedly the following day before dawn jumps the sea commits suicide. In the writings of an author now dead that leave, he expresses to make a daughter happy, can abandon everything, just look forward to Liu Dehuake and daughter are alone meeting and autograph.

Surprising is, meet with the painful Yang Lijuan of funeral father actually with " impecunious " for, express to won't get father remains or ashes of the dead. Its insist to express when accepting a reporter to interview, want to fulfil father last wish, good-bye Liu De Hua. To this, when company of Liu Dehua broker and psychological expert are accepting a reporter to interview, the sensible to this blame behavior that chase after a star supports negative attitude.

The family borrows money the 3rd times to go to harbor

According to reporter understanding, this year Lanzhou girl Yang Lijuan of 29 years old, confuse from 1994 on after Liu Dehua, did not go to school all the time, did not work, become full-time chase after astral a group of things with common features. To reach daughter wish, parents also sold even house. Last year, look forward to of father Yang Qin is travelling expenses of daughter collect funds, thought of to sell kidney even. After media of inland of this matter by reports, cause Liu Dehua's attention, china young expresses at that time, like least of all " disobedient song is confused " .

It is the daughter that finish to say the cherished desire of clear main content personally to God, yang Qin look forward to lent 11300 yuan of money, one 3 go to Hong Kong at will be being driven the 3rd times by Lanzhou on March 19 this year. Because travelling expenses is finite, the family after arriving at Hong Kong lived two days only hotel begins everywhere bivouac. Yang Jiasan's person is to hurry to view pond first " China young heaven and earth " show infer China young animal to the employee, after many the request, the employee promises meeting contact. But afraid circumstance has 3 people change, drive special zone government to headquarters for a time, the plan gives a letter to give special a Ceng Yin authority, receive till 3 people " China young heaven and earth " acceptance is arranged for you meet to just stop.

According to coverage of Hong Kong media, this month 25 days, yang Lijuan is obtained invite the song that plays China son to confuse meeting, but confuse with other song same, she closes with China young aspirations is spoken without the opportunity after illuminating, to this, yang Fu is very sad. That evening 3 people go to starlight of pointed sanded chew stay of inn of business snack of an all night, one arousal comes to two people of mother and daughter during, discover Yang Fu already did not know whereaboutldirection, leave the writings of an author now dead of paper of a 12 pages only, call the police then. Firemen classics search saves a Yang Fu in the offing around, after sending a hospital, do not treat however die.
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