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10 jins of iron chain lock up foster parent female crossing even the pig crossin
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All day iron chain pesters a body, still was gotten on 3 iron lock; Putting in a suitable place to breed 45 ducks, boil for 300 fat pigs feed; Arrive to did not cross a sock greatly as a child, the dress does not have a few; Often feed not satiety, suffer going-over however as common occurrence... the girl Xiaoguo that the village surrounds 15 years old on town of the Shi Tan that add a city, she caused the reporter's attention in the miserable life in home of foster father foster mother. Eve, our newspaper reporter and reporter of southern TV station find Xiaoguo and call the police, in policeman of local police station intervene below, on small Guo body 10 jins of heavy iron chain were gotten off eventually. Concerned expert expresses, xiaoguo got the heart is mixed on the body double mistreat, and the person freedom that the behavior of its foster parent violated her badly and character dignity, belong to illegal behavior to be suspected of crime even.

Witness body of the girl that put duck to pester 10 jins of iron chain

Eve in the morning 11 when make, the reporter arrives on surround a village the 4th production team, the Xiaoguo that putting duck is found beside the pond. She is crouching to syare blankly, the hand takes bamboo pole, pester a 6 meters long thick iron chain personally, iron chain is mixed in her neck by 3 iron lock ankle. Her height 1.2 meters, the clothes is very dirty, body black thin, taking the crew cut of bumpy, look slack, both hands bestrews bruise.

Face a reporter, the little girl that crouchs by the duck stands up to appear be at a loss, grow long iron chain ramshackle before her bosom. She professes this year 15 years old, which is the birthday that does not know oneself however a day. "I am very small be adopted by foster parent. Read elementary school after 3 grade, they say to want my discontinue one's studying to drive a duck in the home to let an elder brother read, feed a swine. " Xiaoguo says, she gets up at 78 o'clock every morning now put a duck, pig feed is boiled after coming home at 6 o'clock towards evening. The reporter asks her different face and hand how to the bruise that go up comes, she says: "Yesterday evening my mom lets me go the boiling common nepenthes there feeds pig canopy pig, I am afraid of black dare not go, she hits me. The hand also gives dozen swollen, a day I had not eaten a meal. A day I had not eaten a meal..

Those who look at her is black, the foot that is stained with slop, the reporter asks she has shoe to wear, she says to have a pair of gules and plastic slipper only, she arrives to did not cross a sock mostly as a child, the dress is very few also.

  The villager crosses even the pig of her home weller than her

"Her parents hits her, take the Tie Zhi of net of a guard against theft to hit occasionally, use long club occasionally. " a villager tells a reporter. The A mother-in-law of a know the inside story says, small Guo Yi many years old when be adopted by foster parent. "They are very fierce, especially her Mom. We dare be not offended, persuades her to who hit. " A mother-in-law says, "After she is a few growner, they let her discontinue one's studying, caught a flock of ducks to let her put, later even she boils pig feed to 300 connections pig. She from early busy to evening, but his elder brother however dress goes to school brightly, amuse oneself. But his elder brother however dress goes to school brightly, amuse oneself..
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