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Can the child come home alone
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The student will go to the school, whether to need to receive send? This problem, to nursery school and elementary school, be easy answer, issue jointly because of the 10 branches such as Ministry of Education " safety of nursery school of middle and primary school runs way " in, make clear a regulation: Elementary school, nursery school ought to build class hour of fluctuation of low grade student, cheeper to receive send join a system.

But, say natively to junior high school, a bit intractable, because the child became big, receive send a bit uncomely. However, be known according to me, original junior high school also is to be able to be executed " join a system " , and be executed differred unlike nursery school.

This must speak of from my nephew, he turns from 4 grade after answering this locality to read, cross town attend school all the time, every semester always has many a time, from the county this runs that. Begin from the semester below 5 grade, I begin to let him himself conciously a person comes home, although he is a little carsick. Then, arrived elementary school graduates, he already an easily person " run from this that " . So, after he enters junior high school, when putting lunar holiday to call to me for the first time, I say none hesitantly, yourself comes back.

But pass a little while, he calls again for: Be no good, without the parent, the school does not vacate school gate. Then, I greet sb with his classmaster, but she is in charge of nephew far from already some experience and ability, say: The school sets, must the parent is received send. such, my nephew " go back " went to those who send to need a person to receive " nursery school, or elementary school low grade " the age.

Here, I must introduce the school that next my nephew read first. This is the county the private school with a managerial very good quality.

Do not let a student come home alone, must the parent is received send, the school is the consideration that stems from safety of safeguard student person for certain. So do, to the school, it is very safe of course, because of all problems, for instance the student puts in accident of the home, traffic 's charge not in time to wait a moment, be readily solved. But, to the student, did this let them lose certain ability? The ability that comes home independently for instance. When junior high school graduates, they had not returned the home alone actually!

So, look in me, it is seemingly " student person is safe " the practice that bear the blame, not be the behavior that bear the blame actually.

Safe accident of the student happens often, relevant section repeated orders, and even made " student occurrence accident, the president waits to be in charge of jointly " regulation. Below this kind of circumstance, the school takes person safety of the student seriously, give no cause for more criticism; And take source of student seriously, not hesitate even flaunt piece " the student is sacred " private school, catch some more closely in this respect, it is excusable to also appear. But, below safe name, the student a variety of ability that should get fostering, come home alone for instance, for instance field lives, stripped, is this appropriate? And, apparent the behavior that this is not individual school.
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