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Zhang Pinzheng: For company grandma ages slowly
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A common school accountant, use to take care of the old grandma food and clothing that ever was lodger to live, everyday work from dawn to night, indefatigable. 30 pass more, now old person already 100 years old of longevity, school accountant also already from in those days the girl became middleaged woman. Each other are harmonious however without kin had walked along so much year, yuan Jie of state division north is connected to in Beijing, the story of Zhang Pinzheng and golden grandma is weighed eulogy.

Early morning day is not light, zhang Pinzheng's bicycle has stopped in mouth of golden grandma door. Before going to work, she should help an old person get up first clad, prepare breakfast. She must send a meal midday from school outpace, serve an old person to eat a meal in the evening, after the go to bed that change the clothes, she must drive an oneself to rest again, preparation is received the following day busy. 30 come for years, without giving thought to abode how transitional, zhang Pinzheng is mixed in grandma of him home, gold so from beginning to end working unit 3.1 space is bustling.

People thinks golden grandma has a filial granddaughter, but a lot of people do not know, there is kin between them, the hardships that is the life lets them go.

1951, golden grandma follows the village settle that the old partner will come to to Zhang Pinzheng be lived in, lease Zhang Jia's building, reside with adjacent of Home Zhang photograph all the time. 1974, when golden grandma old partner dies, she is dragging the old partner's hand to be not put to death, cry in the mouth crying: "You go, I became a childless person, let me go with you! " this setting touched Zhang Pinzheng, "I raise the grandma you, I am your close granddaughter after. I am your close granddaughter after..

From now on, zhang Pinzheng fulfils his commitment with the action. November 1979, golden grandma heart attack of 72 years old, the doctor has not cherished a hope, grandma of gold of Zhang Pinzheng for fear that has an accident, move in a respectful form of address for an old person simply, squeeze with the old person by the nest in. "Full overnight, I did not close a key point, keep feel the temperature of the old person and breath, for fear that in case accident nobody knows. " attend attentively for some time through Zhang Pinzheng, the land like the ill miracle of the old person is good. 1981, zhang Pinzheng and young worker Gao Baokui married, she took care of the decision of golden grandma to get marital support.

When close midday, in the bungalow that golden grandma lives, we saw Zhang Pinzheng and golden grandma. The display in the house is simple, but clear away trimly clean, there is toilet bowl inside house, central heating furnace is in the hut on the side, these are the grandmas that it is gold of special preparation. Because age is old, golden grandma hard of hearing, the eye has cataract, it is very difficult to rise with person communication, but Zhang Pinzheng serves her to have a meal very successful however, a respectful form of address for an old person of a few gesticulation understood.
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