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Pupil needs a mobile phone welcome you also for say
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"4 grade schoolgirl asks the parent buys a mobile phone, how should the parent do? " recently, this card is in fast net 19 buildings forum (got in 19floor.dukuai.com) everybody's attention. Follow a mobile phone gain ground, nowadays, pupil takes a mobile phone had been very general issue. Although, count the school or prohibit mostly the student takes a mobile phone, but still many children are taking a mobile phone small perhaps well-informed appear in classroom, and the parents that buy a mobile phone to the child the opinion is very unanimous also: Safe for the purpose of, to can go up with child contact at any time.

So, when the child that reading elementary school when you asks you buy a mobile phone to him, how can be you done as the parent? Be buy or bought?


Most school does not allow a student to take a mobile phone

As we have learned, at present most elementary school does not allow Hangzhou the child takes a mobile phone to reach the school, the attitude of the school and teacher is very specific, do not support pupil to use a mobile phone. But still many children take the mobile phone in the school to use secretly. When attending class, closing, break is taken play, the teacher manages very hard also.

Use mobile phone brought a series of issues to school administration, the study that also gives children brought an influence. Before paragraph time, one middle school releases Wen Zhou ban, the student is same do not allow to carry a mobile phone or small well-informed enter school.

In 19 buildings forum, with the parent opinion of post cent is two kinds. One kind is, the mobile phone is not worthy thing, if the child needs really, often need to go out alone for instance, go to the lavatory for contact, buy also have not cannot, but if the school does not allow to take a mobile phone, so the mobile phone cannot head the school. Additionally one kind of opinion is, pupil is not to be in the school to be namely in the home, not was necessary to match a mobile phone.


See everybody how say

Others has him to also want to have even if vie

Look in many parents, buy a mobile phone to the child and unchallenged. But, it is why to buy a mobile phone after all, look in many father mother or be worth deliberate.

And put forward to the child, the person of above of the half in class has a mobile phone, but I am returned, so I also want version, the opinion of parents is very unanimous: This vies namely, cannot abet. Although gave the child to buy a mobile phone finally, also want to make him clear, either have because of the major classmate in class and give buy, just buy.

"My daughter is read now first 2, the school stipulates the student cannot take a mobile phone clearly, the commonweal middle school that is now also prohibits a student to take a mobile phone. My daughter once also had had similar demand, because the classmate provokes with her,be: Your shoe is not to be able to bear or endure what is gram, your dress of what, you do not have a mobile phone... she comes home to discuss this issue with me, I point out clearly, this vies namely! Since that classmate likes to vie so, come up against her next time, you say, we now is a student, want to compare study than us, than sports -- ran, skip, swim. Than bought thing who is good, what to have curious, still not be the money that those who use is dad Mom. " netizen Cendy123456 thinks.
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