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Maternal ferret son child of 60 love letter runs away from home
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When the mother clears away a room, from going up tall the ferret in the desk of the son of one more than 60 " love letter " , run away from home under the stretch after the son is informed...

  Mother: The Qing Dynasty in the drawer goes out " love letter "

Occupy Ms. Liu to recollect, the son made up a missed lesson that day, she helps a son clear desk, discovery has the polybag that a beat rouses in the drawer, stem from curiosity, she opens polybag, there are a lot of letters inside discovery, she was leafed through casually, discovering these correspondence is on son class one is called Xiaoyun (alias) female classmate writes a son " love letter " , fine number have many 60 probably, press time computative small shine and this female classmate " contact " the time that already had a few months. This makes her very anxious, because of ability is 15 the son years old, so small talk about love, study can be procrastinated to break down.

   Son: "Love early " it doesn't matter is bad

Small bright classes are over after coming home, made a call with the mother, urgent in a state of excitement returns his bedroom, lay between many minutes 10 about, small bright " strong " give a room interrogatory Ms. Liu: "The letter in my drawer, were you taken? Return quickly I! " Ms. Liu says angrily also: "It is I was taken, you are so small talk about love, be afraid of delay study? " conflict of mother and daughter arises. The son thinks " love early " it doesn't matter is bad, two people are encouraged each other, also be to learning one kind is promoted. Say to want under small bright of the same gang " sober " , can shack to classmate home these days, say, cleared away a bit thing to leave the home.

   Expert: Educational child wants make the best use of the circumstances

Be aimed at this one incident, the reporter interviewed Zhuang Yong of assistant dean of Guizhou university College of the Humanities, village dean thinks, parents cannot because of the child " love early " adopt " dozen control policy " , can arouse traitorous sentiment of the child instead so. To Ms. Liu mother child problem, village dean suggests, there is an amortize period first between Mu Zizhi, chat slowly again next, from terrible two respects undertake persuasion education to the child, it is good of course that if the child is willing to comply with,the parent's opinion abandons be being loved early, but if the child acts wilfully, the parent is about to endeavor to have the child introductory toward good way, do not let the child make off the rails conduct. (author: Li Hao)