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How should I get along with classmaster?
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In the process that grow, whether do you have such or in that way trouble wants to recount, because search,be less than right person however and bury greatly in the bottom of the heart. Probably, one day, this vexed meeting disappears by oneself. Probably, it can accumulate bigger more, till erupt. Actually, what what you experience is vexed, it is growing process is medium only each is small episode, most person ever had been experienced. How do you want to know those who solve to others is? That says your worry to us to listen, we ask psychological teacher to come the bewilderment in growing for you is solved. Incoming letter address: Ministry of culture and education of lukewarm city evening paper closes; Phone: 88060819; Email: Wzwb66@sina.com.



I am one is about to rise first the schoolboy of 2, disposition is more irratable, corrupt at ordinary times had played to move, be interested in learn not quite, class hour always likes a talk on. Last term classmaster often seeks my heart-to-heart talk, I also want to correct these defect, let oneself do a good student, always can not hold to a few days again. Gradually, the teacher lost confidence to me, become very cool to my manner. Want somebody to reflect class classroom discipline only bad, she considers as me to be in make trouble, still say to classmates I am to teach what do not rise, I became the opposite teaching material that classmates learn, classmates mock me, I feel to do not have face very much. Then, I begin a teacher in charge of a class since hate, often mix her backchat, with her to work. I know is to the teacher so not should, but also feel in my heart very grievance, how should I do?

Small be good at


Small be good at classmate:

From inside your incoming letter, I see you are a boy that has the urge for improvement very much, also understand you want to get along with classmaster harmony very much actually. Just feel oneself sufferred grievance, feel sad and sad in the heart, this ability and her backchat, with her to what work. Is my analysis right? Now, when does riant teacher give you the proposal:

One, conversion thinks

If yourself is classmaster, have in your class so a young man student, not love study, attend class not speech, feigned course of study, you undertake to him confabulate is taught for many times, did not get ideal result however. He is returned now and your backchat, with you to work, how can be you handled? Why are you handled so?

2, make clear you to follow classmaster to dry purpose

Analyse according to me, you and classmaster to work, because you do not admit you are to teach what do not rise,be, you want to cause the teacher's attention, hope teacher does not abandon you. So you ask yourself: I can such behavior let her change think of a way, can you let her do not abandon me?

3, think method proves to the teacher he is to be able to have changed
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