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6 to 12 years old the child prefers father
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Like father or mom? Chinese parents often like to raise this question to the child. Although clever child often is met with " like " reply, however a psychology considers to make clear, the heart of children is close to their father more normally.
This research achievement teachs Zhang Jianxin to announce by the Beijing University psychology that attending plenary meeting of psychology of the 28th international here. As " Chinese culture and Chinese character study " component, this investigation passes pair of 1000 China families to undertake studied to reach as above conclusion. The result shows, the 6 Chinese children apt that comes 12 years old prefers father, and the feeling that showing repulsion to mom is resentment even. This means: Chinese parentage is not an imagination in so beautiful.
Zhang Jianxin says, this conclusion can make all mom astonied probably. But attentive mother already discovered probably, children are in classes are over after coming home, be willing to pour out to father first mostly, mom always is " hind the person that after knowing, become aware " . China has an old saying: "Child do not teach, of father over- " , the mother severe father in Chinese tradition domestic concern often makes father the obligation that ground of there is no shirking the responsibility assumes an educational children.
However, the development as Chinese economy, society and open to the outside world of degree deepen, more Chinese father throw major energy in the career, the ground of heavy burden follow a rational line to do some work well that teachs children became maternal liability. Investigate questionnaire to show, maternal opinion can ask normally before Chinese child faces a problem or wanting to do what thing. Mother people teach the child to should manage like where with his experience, "How must do " , " how to do " became a lot of China mother " pet phrase " .
But Zhang Jianxin emphasizes, the female's meticulous certainly method also can produce an effect to the child. Be in twice or be denied for many times and after oversight, the child can generate resentment to maternal opinion, as time passes, be out of shape repellent. Contrary, it is easier that children often feel with place oneself thing the father outside is communicated.
Investigation shows, think father compares mom more " reasonable " Chinese child is absent a few. "Besides clad outside having a meal, maternal nag and guard grow from the intelligence that child oneself depressed on certain level. " Zhang Jianxin says, "This also is why the reason that the child hates a mood easily to mom generation. "This also is why the reason that the child hates a mood easily to mom generation..
He points out at the same time, what apply as psychology is increasingly extensive, the Chinese that takes domestic ethics seriously began to give more and more attention to filial psychology problem. On current psychological mass rally, the much in nearly 6000 reports that submit on behalf of place involves teenage family to teach a problem.
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