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Strengthen education of minor media accomplishment
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Chinese teenage society of two days teachs by a definite date forum---2004 media and minor develop 13 days to conclude in Shanghai, forum was released " strategy of move of education of minor media accomplishment studies " , emphasize the appeal: Media accomplishment education is begun in minor.
According to Shanghai group municipal Party committee and courtyard of Shanghai company division are in those who begin recently in 3000 minor " minor media demand investigates " the result shows: To gender, violent content can appearing on media, the minor that has 33 % indicates approval, spend extravagantly to can appearing on media behavior and draw near big money behavior, the minor that has 48 % indicates approval.
Adolescent originates greatly to social acknowledge media information of the contact, help minor boycotts undesirable media information, making them healthy use medium reasonably is the responsibility with educational scholar and news joint peddler. WILLETT of JANE   of   of REBEKAH of doctor of institute of British London campus says when making a speech on forum.
Be in our country, media increases increasingly to teenage influence, how be known and use good medium this handle Shuang Renjian, still be in a blank: Heretofore, existing minor education has media quality to teach content hardly in course, also publish publication media accomplishment teaching material in the light of minor without. Although news is offerred in middle and primary school kind course, also only news of with a view to collects those who write skill to groom, the purpose is to be media to develop reserve, and rather than undertakes to minor from the angle of average citizen media accomplishment is taught.
The educational expert that attend the meeting appeals in succession: Strengthen minor media accomplishment to teach already extremely urgent. Educational expert thinks, the main purpose that media accomplishment teachs depends on, the medium that cultivates public health evaluates capability, will coach through education the public especially teenage, understand correctly, reasonably, actively uses mass media and its information and culture resource, understand society, understanding better thereby the world, perfect knowledge, participate in social activity.
From the point of global limits, from 20 centuries since 80 time, a lot of countries and area popularize media accomplishment to teach in adolescent. The school of a few developed countries, media accomplishment education has formed dimensions, and bring into normal educational courses formally, bring into media accomplishment education lifelong education gradually inside the system. Be in England, United States, Canada, media accomplishment education has covered the whole process that goes to an university again to the middle school from elementary school, in making formal education system famous have real education headings in an account book.
Transmission of vehicle of courtyard of Chinese company division and Bo Wei of director of teenage development research center suggest, our country should draw lessons from foreign experience, through different age paragraph a flight of stairs changes media accomplishment to teach, will increase teenage understanding and the capacity that use medium, raise minor to resist greatly thereby the ability that bad news violates the external world, let minor heart body get healthy progress.
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