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The parent is not the child " crutch "
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Come day after day, send the university on the child about the parent, employ baby-sitter to accompany read news, conspicuous all the more. A variety of phenomena are not had do not become a monk or nun fully long wary child cannot provide for oneself " bear hardships meet with blame " the affection of care, acted as the child grows " crutch " .
To this, someone says how the parent cherishs the thing that the child is themselves, alien has no right to interfere and censure. This word truly, but the author or worry unceasingly: The parent does the child " crutch " should accomplish when? In the parent support sb with hand below, when can the child become independent " walk " ?
The author is not the affection of the whetstoning calf that does not understand the parent and the love that protect cheeper. If say the child year young, the parent holds the child in both hands in control to be afraid of broke, contain in the mouth to be afraid of changed, also excusable, but be in in fact, can go up the child of the university, already basically drew near grown line or exceed grown line, although cannot say them " break breast " , but at least should " firm " next hearts will make the child independent face life. After all, the person's lifetime, rain of storm of total unavoidable wind, rough twists and turns, a lot of things must be faced by him child, the parent is again capable to also cannot accompany child lifetime.
Love is an art, need pays attention to means method, and cannot rely on simple instinct. Want to make the child will come have a bright future, the parent must be put down " crutch " , the society is put " kite " , let the child experience a few setbacks appropriately, bear a few go through the mill, bath a few harships, make their assistant a few tougher, make their heart annals a few more mature.