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Parent godchild should understand minor right first
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New castigatory " minor protects a law " regulation " other perhaps guardian ought to learn parents the family teachs knowledge " , however seminar of education of Tianjin city family is right the urban district the parents of 500 Yu Ming minor " minor protects a law " the special subject investigation that have shows, the person that has 44.9 % actually expresses different desire " knowledge of education of parental study family is legal provision " view. Concerned expert advice says, raise educational child, the parent should understand minor right.

"Carry out " minor protects a law " the school and domestic responsibility " academic forum was held in Tianjin recently, experts think, in recent years, parents reached unprecedented level to the child's attention, but teach the knowledge, education that improves oneself to studying a family quality is far however without so tall enthusiasm. A few people teach his child by the assume sth as a matter of course, practice by the tradition, experience by others, face the child that develops ceaselessly in Protean social environment so, often be to be at a loss what to do, some parents are right the child " canal " many jump over, the trouble on child body is more.

In the investigation that teachs seminar in Tianjin city family, speak of the child's right, some parents say: "What right does dot have? Still not be listen adult! " also some saying: "Present child was in charge of quite hard, let them know them have so much right again, must carry an ox on the head with adult more, we become father and mother how ' play so that turn ' ah! " in the parents of more than 500 minor that is being investigated, when expressing to deciding the child's issue " often " " listen to him child opinion " have 37.2 % only.

Tianjin city family teachs seminar secretary-general Guan Ying to think, "Study family teachs knowledge " it is the necessary premise that fulfils tutelar obligation the quality that improves parents, correctly, the primary responsibility that serves as guardian to wanting to learn above all for parents and standard; 2 be learn to the child, understand the characteristic of the minor below new social environment and requirement; 3 it is to learn a family to teach basic knowledge, know the law that the family teachs, characteristic and method; 4 be learn in practice, institutional draw inferences about other cases from one instance, reach the new state that teachs the child ceaselessly then.

University Professor Chen Zhonglin leaves to think south, when the family of nowadays and school are teaching the child, no matter be ideal consciousness, still be specific and feasible executive plan, still existing children right is encroached, children interest and the situation that need to be ignored. The school and family are in of minor in growing, still should act more active role, assume more responsibility.