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How is the education that separate era accomplished 3 win (2)
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Educational do sth in the proper way, get twice the result with half the effort. Parent of need of the education that separate era is multi-purpose brain is not effort.
Measure: Everything for the child

The thing has two sides sex, the education that separate era is having close child all sorts of dominant positions that education cannot compare, inevitable also meeting is put in a few problems and malpractice. But no matter exist what kind of malady, the original intention of the education that separate era is simple goodness from beginning to end. Once had a grandfather to becoming father say: "The child is you, also be us, but in the final analysis still is him child. " so, should grow with the child's health only for jumping-off place, joint efforts of two acting parents " the fill a vacancy that check leakage " , the education that separate era can be done weller certainly.

Check leakage: A few old people put the focus of the life in grandson on generation body, too doting to the child, for the child " all-around service " , no matter whether the child's requirement is reasonable,give contented, make child Diao Man easily capricious, feebleminded, devoid independent character, it is a center with ego, get along with the person hard in the future.

Fill a vacancy: Young father and mother wants to be communicated in time with the old person, remind an old person to notice the attitude to the child, help old person accomplishs true love but not doting child.

The old person wants an attitude that foster from pure " ache " translate into " religion " , should satisfy to the child finite, help have fear, exercise the child appropriately start work ability, the moral quality that notices to foster him to become independent and firm life volition.

Check leakage: The parent that separate era is average ageing of ideal stale, knowledge, easy and adherence dusty, the concept that teachs the child and pattern are too traditional, influence child accepts the rate of new knowledge, go against the child to form the disposition that creativity thinking and ego surmount.

Fill a vacancy: Ideological emancipation of young father and mother, the idea is updated fast, and the activist that is social mainstream, acceptance intellectual information is more, while because this is in,opportunity of old person creation updates thinking, also want to kiss force to be in person, education child abounds construction of creativity, knowledge is reasonable and accommodate the thinking pattern with strong sex.

Irrigate with knowledge and experience the child while, the parent that separate era should notice to abandon undesirable old habit, have blind faith in experience not blindly, want to be good at listening to the youth's opinion, through book, TV program and groom renew an idea self-consciously, teaching pace of times of the follow closely on gimmick and concept.

Check leakage: The liability that the education that separate era creates young father and mother easily is short of break, make kiss child the relation is dim, evolve for " close child estrangement " .
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