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For parent of the summer camp that pick a newspaper needs 3 attentions
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Summer vacation lets children follow summer camp to go out to take exercise, many parents have this idea. But Where is the summer camp that chooses what model? Yesterday, travel of bureau of Zhengzhou city tourism pledges inspect branch reminds the parent to should note 3 problems about chief.
Above all, the parent should notice whether the aptitude that sponsors an unit is perfect, the contract is signed before entering camp, whether does the safe safeguard that knows summer camp reach the designated position.
Contract content should mention expressly number of place, day, have cover range without safe, charge (specific) with journey content (detailed) . Should have at the same time honor the agreement assure, when if special account adjusts the journey,be being made clear clearly, due equivalent replacement scheme. The parent still should notice to withhold advertisement announce handbill, discovery and advertisement not agree with, can quote seek redress.
Next, had better buy an accident a place difficult of access. Before entering camp, parents wanted ungird group controller and counsellor to whether had sufferred professional training, whether cure protects personnel to follow a line, mobile process arrangement is reasonable, mobile content is rich, whether can arouse the latent capacity of children. To prevent in case, a travel accident a place difficult of access had better be bought before entering camp.
Finally, because safety is the demand with summer camp the the basiccest, most significant activity, so low age the journey cannot follow suit blindly, must be in establishment of hardware, software quite complete circumstance lower part can undertake.