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Summer vacation does not let the child turn " into indoor children "
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Classmates, it is good that you learn these beautiful good words sentence for what be? " on composition class, a teacher asks.
"Can take an examination of high component. " the classmate answers.
The teacher that wants to inspire a student to compose thinking formerly is forced to continue to ask: "Is that classmates study good result why? "Is that classmates study good result why??
"Take an examination of high component father mother is glad, next I can employ computer! Next I can employ computer!!
*% · &$@ (% ¥ of ~ ... the teacher is not had language.

This is to happen in Fuzhou an elementary school the teachers and students on 6 grade classroom speaks, bona fide report gave computer to occupy life space of the student already badly. A few research discover, arrive from 1997 between 2003, children of 12 years old plays 9 years old of ~ hike, play of fishing, sand and horticultural the scale that waits for outdoors activity dropped 50 % ; Meanwhile, the time that this group of children use on game of computer game, TV, video, study increases many. And the time that child of 18 years old spends 8 years old of ~ to go up in player of game of television, electron, computer, music and other media everyday is 6.5 hours. To a lot of people, fictitious world has made more more familiar than nature world, "Indoor children " appearing increasingly beside us.

Look, these " indoor children " holiday life is held by computer

Summer vacation began, children are overjoyed, the heart of parents was hanged however rise. Ms. Chen dialed the reader recently hot line of our newspaper green apple says, at ordinary times her job is very busy, the child has a holiday a person is in the home, make her very afraid. She says, the son likes to get online chat, play game machine, read caricature book, often sitting before computer is 67 hours, the parent came off work ground of be reluctant to part with passes gift machine get offline. "If let him every day such goof, the biological clock after a summer vacation passes affirms not good of confused, spirit. The son is not willing even the word to say more with the parent now, more never mention it communication communication, computer plays much, the mood is more and more fretted, follow family sometimes one character disagreement bunts rise. Follow family sometimes one character disagreement bunts rise..

Go out to take a walk to be disinclined to move

Reader forest gentleman also appeals to our newspaper, say a daughter jade-like stone jade-like stone this year elementary school 6 grade graduate, this holiday also did not learn the job without exercise already. Begin to be confused from summer vacation went up to watch soap opera, get up everyday the first thing opens a TV set namely; Do not wish to take a nap midday, want to see sequel; Also stay on sofa to become the friend of a dutiful TV all the time in the evening, see a late night 912 o'clocks sometimes. Mr Lin is occasionally urgent, force to close machine let jade-like stone jade-like stone rest. But the daughter always is hold back skinful is angry, tooting the mouth is opposite with showing the parent's revolt, still run to neighbour home to look sometimes. Mr Lin says, he himself wants arrangement to play badminton twice every week, insist to swim, but no matter his try every possible way to persuade sb, the daughter is carried do not remove interest to take exercise with him together. Say to take exercise, jade-like stone jade-like stone always say " uninteresting " , " not amused " or weather is too hot the one caboodle reason such as easy heatstroke.
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