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Parent quality decides the success or failure that the family teachs
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"Crime is problem of a society, our everybody is responsible, and domestic element is having crucial put sb in a very important position. " 18 days morning, woman of institute of woman of Shi Dajin hill develops central director Jin Yihong to teach south, hold in belfry area the Women's Federation " growing health of adolescent of care issue teenager, attention grows " speak of on the seminar, domestic education grows to teenage health removing critical factor.

Come from the data of a statistic of belfry area procuratorate to show, 2004, the minor crime number that this courtyard handles is 47 people, than going up year of ascendant 12.84%.2005 year, this courtyard deals with minor crime number to be 68 people. 2006, minor crime number amounts to this courtyard 89 people, than going up year rise 22.72% . From the point of the statistical data of whole town and even whole nation, in recent years, crime of our country minor shows ascendant trend of year after year.

"Why in recent years our country economy grows continuously, and the growth that teenage crime increased to exceed GDP however? " Cui Jinggui of professor of college of Jiangsu technology normal school raised this one austere question on this seminar.

On the meeting, case of crime of minor of 7 when belfry area procuratorate offerred this courtyard to deal with to the expert that attends delibrate, scholar different types. Anatomize commits a crime among them reason, have " parents brings about the child to lack education of care kissing affection, bludgeon to bring about child generation to go against from different turn over psychology, allowing unrestrained freedom to bring about the child follow one's inclinations... " the general character of these case is, the family teachs deviation to bring about the child to be on guilty road.

"Although adolescent is on guilty road,be different education makes like that, but integrated education develops a result in the round, most of core is domestic education. " An Chunyan of vice-chairman of city the Women's Federation thinks, prevent teenage crime, must want to implement domestic interpose measure. She puts forward, in a healthy family, parents should give the child a happy home, want to concern to be managed attentively to the family. Chairman of belfry area the Women's Federation Ms. Liu Xiaomin thinks, the marriage of the parents in partial family is loved view is not stern, right family, right marriage, right the child did not use up due responsibility, arose a few " misshapen family " , was on illegal crime road to provide breeding ground for the child.

On the seminar, expert scholars think consistently, the core that the family teachs is the parent, the parent's quality is deciding the success or failure that the family teachs. Finally, belfry area the Women's Federation offers, take the lead by the Women's Federation, in opportune opportune moment, open family grooms class, carry out to what those prepare to do father and mother " groom before domestic hillock " , make each child healthy grow.
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