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"Fourfold 4 light " highlight a family to teach new task
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Gu Xiulian of chairman of the Women's Federation of vice-chairman of standing committee of countrywide National People's Congress, whole nation teachs the job in countrywide family " 15 " the program sums up a watch

Point out on clear meeting, domestic education has the main effect that cannot replace in children growing development, the new issue that appears in domestic education

Not allow to ignore.

Gu Xiulian says, in recent years, expect as a result of two pairs daughter exorbitant, parents is beyond the mark to children doting, overprotection, excessive pressure,

Exorbitant requirement, the method that does not accord with growing rule of children physiology, psychology is used in domestic education process, domestic education appears take seriously

Intellective element, despise blame intelligence element; Incline to eager for quick success and instant benefit, negligence children individual character develops; Pay attention to intellectual study, negligence moral character can

Force education; Take corporeal nutrition seriously, despise the phenomenon such as physical training. Additional, because family of going from place to place, sheet kisses family, family staying behind to wait

Of new case of much sort family appear, a lot of parents lack the communication with the child and communication. Some parents abandon be being stroked to children even

Raise, educational obligation, make these children lack parental affection and psychological consideration, the respect waits to also be short of in body development and person safety

Lack is taken care of and protect.

Gu Xiulian points out, the family is the first environment that children grows. Domestic education is had in children growing development what cannot replace is heavy

Want action. Want to had held new period family to teach working characteristic, active compose builds the school, family, society the educational network of 3 union


According to Introduction Gu Xiulian, be aimed at the new issue that increasingly prominent family appears in education, in recent years, position of countrywide family education and

The network builds ceaseless development. 22 city that visit an area set a family to teach working funds, throw many yuan 6000 every year. Each district establishs actively

Double qualification is close child education of school of parent of classroom, community, family coachs the guidance such as the center serves an orgnaization, build new citizen, sheet close, stay

Defend the school of parent of special children group such as playhouse.

Newest statistic shows countrywide the Women's Federation, at present the whole nation already built many 430 thousand school of various and of all kinds parent, the family teachs directive center

110 thousand many, school of demonstrative parent of children of children of village of its middle peasant staying behind, hobo 1000.
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