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Children grows a target
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About the target that children grows, different times, different class, have different cause. The goal that our times, our class defines for children development is: Does careless   closely question  of bake in a pan of ⒚ of thoroughfare  of ⑻ of  of cowardly of the ⒅ that sweep past  armies ⒂ of Ge of Dong of glad of  of part of the day of stalk  of ⒄ of any of several hot spice plants of Mei of envy of Fu correct Suo fetterses is bits of ⒂ of  of screen of look of Lai Long ⒂ spat foolish is to instruct of > of Chi of  of Qian of Tao of accept black a screen-like mountain peak tranquil fellow?

We had entered a brand-new period, reforming and opening gives this times infuse vigor. The information of constant input, provoking the change of people sense. On the idea that develops in children especially, people goes from the error of Yo person sense of primitive little family selfishness, they begin to accept scientific Yo idea and method, form " to be a country stage by stage the citizen consciousness of godchild " .

Regard a society as cellular family, it is the environment of the first space that children grows, it is base of person development all one's life, also be the basis that forms whole society to teach an environment. The parent begins to abandon " raising the selfish consciousness that prevents old " , "Much child the old-fashioned concept of much happiness " and " hope children will have a bright future of " anxiously expect psychology feudality. Pass the reeducate of the conduct propaganda of comprehensive medium system and parent school, draw close with national goal on the target that develops in children stage by stage and form consensus.

The school is the place of Yo person, loading educational children to grow for heart, wisdom, the formidable task of the crosses a century talented person that face of body, beautiful Zhu Fang gets developing in the round. Thought of the educational system that this task asks reform is existing necessarily, education and education and teaching method, still have the educational environment with unsuited change and establishment, make the school becomes implementation children to expand the main base of the target truly. In the school in reform, the education with spoon-fed tradition, progressively already the practice activity place that is mixed to edify children to create thinking by modern educational measure is replaced. The student is the small fledgling of cry piteously for food no longer, they obtain more information content through active participation, master updated knowledge, learn more ability. Especially lively campus culture lives, and all sorts of knows a society beneficial activities that walk out of a school gate to go in wide world, if harden oneself volition trains life of alert and resourceful teenager military school, the " that there is other " in building heart of " of student of good and human relation, education hand in hand activity of " summer camp, make the school just comes out no longer of the sound of reading aloud read acoustical place, still more the joyous voice that spread gives children laughs language.
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