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Do not let " of " sunshine motion stay today
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Arrived at 10 o'clock on April 29 morning at 11 o'clock, millions upon millions middle and primary school of countrywide is born to come to the playground, athletic pleasure is being enjoyed below the bath of sports sunshine. If this momently we can stand in the sky earth of bird's eye motherland, that should be how grand occasion -- collective of millions upon millions student takes exercise one hour, perhaps can go up " record of auspicious Nisi world " .
Combine dispatch by 3 ministries and commissions, ask with the form of the file all schools organize collective to exercise activity or head jointly. Such dimensions is fetching really attention.
Organize an activity, go it is very a cross the stage, easy to the school to make a show, exercise a hour of collective of this day do vivid and dramatic, even get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh is a lot of schools special the thing that be good at. But, think a hour of make it this day is done not have one hour however everyday so simple.
Take exercise one hour everyday, not be the idea with new what. However, the school that can accomplish truly is not much however. Baton of enter a higher school, often became this one hour " self-study time " , " examination time " , " the time that impose a tax " , become very hard however " athletic time " , although was entered by the platoon,school timetable also can be taken up by termless ground. In addition, the mobile space of the school is narrow, of athletic equipment pallet also invite the school for difficult.
From " today a hour " development arrives " everyday a hour " , cooperate and assure what still need square respect range, need to undertake enforcing on the system even, establish the lasting effect mechanism that can fulfil continuously. Because, without the assurance of these mechanisms, this activity may leave type of the task that finish finally only " motion " , and without any " sports spirit " foster and hold to.
It is not difficult that sunshine moves one hour, difficult is how can make students happy the ground, everyday sunshine moves one hour!