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How is the education that separate era accomplished 3 win (1)
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Infancy is the crucial period of development of child body and mind, need parent throws huge energy, undertake be brought up all-aroundly and be educationaled to the child. The domestic amount that implements the education that separate era is so huge, natural hard to avoid creates a few problems, then in recent years, a lot of people begin to censure the education that separate era, the undesirable consequence that in teaching the family, appears attribute a fault to among them, those who think the education that separate era gives the child to come into strip is negative effect. Still the scholar says or state with certainty, the overall level of quality of the education that separate era teachs a level under parental family absolutely. But survey knowledge according to us, lie between acting education and do not report like some media in that way, luo Su of the British mathematician that Yuan Rujie gives, philosopher, nearly brave seizes the Liu Xiang of Olympic Games gold, it is the example that the child below the education that separate era gains a success. Visible, may not of the education that separate era is one is destined to meet those who be defeated " battle " , want to notice a method only, successful " enter close " , same meeting brings good future to the child. Accordingly, the family that this print lies between acting education for the choice wholeheartedly was made this period strategy, 3 acting people are won in order to help the parent in the education that separate era of each is in his proper place 3 win an aspect.

Labour desire be apt to its thing, surely first benefit its implement. Separate the dominant position of acting education, be itself " edge tool " .

Sound: The education that separate era is helpless lift, also be advantage place

Many parents choose to lie between acting education, besides inadequacy of time of husband and wife both at work, energy, professional Yo orgnaization lack, professionalism of baby-sitter industry far from, the society with economic finite capacity is actual, and outside the objective element such as job of the insecurity of such as housing, study outside going out, place of itself of the education that separate era has some advantages, also be a main reason.

Above all, the parent that separate era threw the job to establish for heart of whole body of young father and mother " rear base " , they are right grandson the care kissing affection that generation place has, it is any Yo orgnaization or baby-sitter cannot be likened to, what this is helpful for the child obtaining the support of mentally and affection to go up is stable, make parents removes trouble back at home. Be worth what carry is, the divorce rate that tall house does not leave in the city makes a lot of children grow to kiss a family in sheet in, the sexual part in lying between acting parent to be able to make up for this kind of family well is short of break, offer feature of imitable sexual distinction to the child, make he wins psychological support of the same sex, this healthy to the child sexual distinction acknowledge is having openly effect.
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