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About kissing the logion of affection and story
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1. Do not be at ease the child
According to " urban gazette " report, during be worth each school organization to develop military training activity, shenyang parent of a student mirrors to the reporter: Some learns

School groom in base military training, the parent sends beverage to the child inside, however by close the door on. Original, the son of this parent is in playground

Go up military training. Regulation of school public proclamation does not allow the parent to enter a gate, because this feels distressed this,the son's mother ever begged for leniency to entrance guard ceaselessly.
A parent says: "So poisonous sun is illuminated on the head, never mention it the child Yours Excellency to also can suffer heatstroke namely! My daughter arrives to not was in mostly as a child

Had insolated below the sun! Had insolated below the sun!!
Another parent suppliance stands sentry soldier: "I from iron the area rode car of two many hours to come on the west, let me go in to send a bottle to prevent to the daughter bask in

Frost! " say, she unexpectedly grovel is on the ground...
2. It is important to become father
To 2005, old crossover social status already amounted to 15 billion yuan, become Chinese head rich. Numerous media begins attention and the successful way that study him, he

People discovery, chen Tianqiao in the morning 8 when the left and right sides gets up, 9 when work to the company, to in the evening 11 when or so ability comes off work come home, everyday such.
Accept when interviewing, chen Tianqiao is eating box meal, the reporter asks him, habits and customs and when head rich whether to have direct connection? He is laughing at an answer:

"When undeserved head rich, my life won't have what change, my general continues to eat my box meal. " the reporter says: "You had been head rich,

Have the money that a few all one's life do not spend, still need to work desperately in that way? " Chen Tianqiao shakes shake one's head: "I still do not have discovery to be worth allow me change to be born

The thing of vivid habit. The thing of vivid habit..
After two months, the reporter interviews Chen Tianqiao once more. When seeing Chen Tianqiao, the reporter discovers amazedly, his life rhythm happened tremendous

Change. Will 10 years never have had rested double cease him of day, basically did not go to work on the weekend now. The reporter is laughing to ask him: "What I say is right,

Dry job does not want in that way risk one's life needlessly, you are early enjoy the life well with respect to this. You are early enjoy the life well with respect to this..
Chen Tianqiao says: "You said to be opposite half, I am being changed really now, also enjoying the life, but you know is what reason lets me change

? " the reporter is laughing to shake one's head. Chen Tianqiao is pointing to photograph of on desk one group of babies to tell him: "Last month, my daughter was born, now
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