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Press close to lives: The homework new idea of popular United States
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The teacher of a lot of American schools has realized: Create successful opportunity to give more children, must change traditional homework content. Their method gifts namely homework a kind of brand-new concept, say live for press close to (Real, Life) . This kind of homework and student individual circumstance are linked together cheek by jowl, suit the ability of each child and life setting, can make the student realizes what they learn intellectual value, can make the student forms a kind of positive attitude to school education again at the same time, because they know this kind of home work,developed the ability that they live. 

The principle of basis of place of this one new idea is very simple: Should encourage children when in actual life applies the place on classroom to learn knowledge, they are particularly deep to the understanding of these knowledge; When in realizing when children place learns knowledge to be able to use real life immediately, going, the knowledge that learns on classroom is even more significant. 

New content: Be learned what to use  namely

This kind of homework is not to want children to colored to the map, make them on-the-spot see an airport however. Over, children can interview a passenger, enquire where they went to, will go to where again, enquire at the same time, find the place of the point that reachs on the map with good precondition at the same time. 

Be in the United States an elementary school in a class of 4 grade, term begins the activity that the teacher listed sex of a few proposals for children first serves as homework, if read a newspaper, write the letter, topic that talks about concerned bequest with grandparent, encourage them creativity ground imagines other activity. When children acquired new mastery of a skill or technique and new idea, try to update to the mobile watch at the beginning of semester. If be told " emigrant " after this entirely reads aloud, the teacher is added in mobile the outside and the inside " a visit to the parents or schoolchildren or young workers " , the extraction that urges student him investigation, make clear their ancestor is which compatriots originally, be the same as knowledge to be able to communicate investigation earning. When education tax tells a money to calculate, the teacher suggests they shop after school with the parent together, learning to pay by him child, calculate look for odd. 

The teacher encourages children to chat with the parent and neighbour, talk about the history, talk about the current affairs, knowledge that in talking about textbook, acquires. They still encourage the child to watch TV, find worthy thing from which. When the content that they learn in the school is being mentioned in seeing TV when children, meet very naturally recollects relevant knowledge, so that understand this one program better. Accordingly, see TV also become man a homework. Especially when children go to school the following day when saying the valuable information that gets from TV to other classmate to listen, the meaning of this kind of homework with respect to all the more apparent. 
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