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How to let the child walk out of dummy world
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Be in the United States, temperamental research is a special research domain, the quantity that action scientist designs is expressed and observe objectively, can temperament very scientific classify is mixed criticize a capacity, children psychologist also sums up the educational measure that gives a teach students in accordance of their aptitude that suits different children, in addition, the relation between the pathology psychology issue that clinical research worker also has discussed children temperament to ask problem and companion are sent or afterwards is sent.

The scholar thinks, belong to difficult temperament, the infant that is hard to bring up, grow along with the age, 70 % can appear behavior problem. The infant 3-7 of difficult temperament when year old, relatively contrast problems of group of easy occurrence behavior. Somebody points out, when 3 years old easy afraid child, after be brought up behavior of easy occurrence neurosis, and the expressional uneasiness, infant that moves more, in adolescent period easy expression is to violate travel notes. Have research discovery additionally, the baby when 4 months, if be condition of high motion arousal, to stimulating Yi Ji to offend, grown look becomes cowardly, bashful child changeably, and another part is stimulated not easily offend, the infant of small movement arousal, become changeably optimistic as good as socialization child.

Temperament is a clew, make us OK see the character of clear child, knowing some kind of behavior is his temperamental be caused by, according to the child's temperament, come with right kind breeding child, this is why contemporary parents and the reason that the teacher needs to understand children temperament.

Result of a lot of research hints, the temperament that watchs children has been jumped over earlier. As a result of,understand some children temperamental feature, and they go up in study, with support of the people the environment gets along on the difficulty that encounters. We want to extend warmth, supportive hand, more actively guiding child is in human relation experience of the family, develop the life style of the temperamental characteristic that gives a kind to be able to suit him most gradually, make the potential on their physiology and intelligence is developed adequately.

The child needs our help really, help them search the joy after difficulty and study are overcome to gain success in the life, this joy is to support them to continue exploration, struggling lasting motivation. After the child is grown and independent, the experience of childhood times parents and teacher and his joint efforts, will be the warmest memory in child lifetime, henceforth he brings in the adversity of life the the warmest, strongest encourage.