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Foreign darling 6 big popular EQ
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1, sympathize with heart and love

The child from be born rise to be had sympathize with a heart, a baby of 9 months also is met when seeing another baby cry the sight stir up one's feelings, fall none miserlily next tear, this is to sympathize with the expressive means with the the simplest, most primitive heart. As the child be brought up gradually, you should help him foster this kind of good quality further in everyday life and amuse oneself. You can ask the child nonskedly: To make other child happy, happy, how should be you done? How do you offend a child to get angry today? Why can be you done so? This method can help the child establish the harmonious relationship with other, education child gives love for other ceaselessly.

2, habit of conduct financial transactions

A haze decision comes through looking after children to shop together the value that each yuan of money knows in making him subconscious, those who begin the child to return open-eyed money to disappear is so fast, he can understand now and very glad money gave them so much help! Additional, you can give the child money (children of at least 8 years old) , let him buy a few things that him likes. Child first time becomes the host of money and control it personally, calm meeting is at a loss, you can do a few guidance outside elaborate field for him. Tell him how to plan reasonably, defray these money. Develop the child's good consumption habit as a child, can make he is benefited personally eventually.

3, dedicated with responsibility heart

Encourage and make a person's mind of child whole body dedicated as far as possible at a hobby or extracurricular activity, if all sorts of this week of activities come in great numbers, she wants experienced ballet already, want to play piano again, draw even, the child is met exhaustion of body and mind, ability not equal to one's ambition, the result is her whats learn the likelihood bad, contrary, if you are her to choose an extracurricular activity that she loves meticulously only, she not only intention of can energetic ground learns, and still can foster a kind to be engaged in the activity, strong sense of responsibility that is in collective to oneself to him place.

4, the society understands others

A day, elegant beautiful discovery, the birthday group that as a result of oneself son of 6 years old is mocked and joins him without a fellow student that invites classmate is right, caused this classmate to cry sadly. Elegant beautiful the son that did not criticize oneself directly, guide him to say however: If do not have what be invited,be you, what do you have to experience? The son realizes the as a result of his behavior harm that causes to the classmate immediately, the birthday group that he invited this classmate to attend him instantly is right. Look through be like tiny but can make the child is benefited however the petty thing with simple humble, edify him how to understand, be kind to other.

5, honesty is an upright person
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