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Swedish Yo view
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Swedish law sets, parents cannot beat and scold the child.

No matter be in city or country, the baby is born to begin to undertake comparative much outdoors activity before long. The baby basically is not held in the arms in the bosom, put on the bed in the home, go out put on the car, meet oneself go, cry to also be not held in the arms. A lot of buses have what sit for the infant is small sit chair. The intermediate place of the bus has the space that offers park pram only and the seat that when offerring parental nurse children, take. Child never be the same as a bed with parents in all pillow. General 4 - after 5 years old, the child has his separate room. Such doing, to the baby character, limb of OK and free extend, conduce to haemal circulation and limbs development, still can enhance independent ability, do not act like a spoiled child, do not depend on an adult, improve the body and psychological quality. To ensure transportation is safe, parents cannot cherish the child sits in the seat of in front of of the car.

The infant eats rarely or not snack, do not eat the food that added all sorts of additive especially. The child never wears open-seat pants.

Have the Swede of consciousness of high environmental protection, avoid urban noise besides the attention outside the menace to the mankind, still value the toy noise influence to the child highly.

Like growing up together, children also very love outdoors activity. Cheeper is slippery on the garden meadow after the house before the room slide, swing swing, make game. Every arrive on the weekend, children often camp to lakefront, seaside along with parents, to forest and field excurse.