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Sino-US have a meal education is compared
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The Chinese takes seriously have a meal, civilian it is a day in order to feed. Chinese parent loves the child, more having a meal fluctuation kongfu. First, make the child much eat namely, do not divide green red black and write, exert all one's strength a place of strategic importance, it is good to want the child to eat more only, since ancient times such. Chinese parents feeds the child to have a meal, chew in him mouth in one's childhood soft, feed again in presenting infantile opening. Largish later, one spoon feeds one spoon, next one chopstick feeds one chopstick. Carry a bowl via common grandmother, full courtyard chases Sun Er, vociferant move feeds. What see the record that spend according to me, feed the child to arrive the oldest age is 11 years old, because the mother loves her son too. Now a lot of domestic office unit, there also is time of lunch of a hour only midday, a lot of doing of parents arrive dot, extremely big thing also must be put down, wear person hill to cross car sea, hurried back the home goes, make the lunch in pausing to the child. Be afraid that adult is absent only, child be on short commons.

Eat besides how, had eaten even, parents can starve, a flesh in child bowl cannot little. National difficulty period, good buy fat of one wool money not easily, parents hates to part with him to enjoy absolutely, want to leave the child, look at his smack, in parental heart sweet be like honey. National economy is good now, food and clothing not anxious, whats have, gallinaceous duck fish eats dirt already, delicacies of every kind is not new also, what can you still look for to give the child deliciously? Allegedly domestic pupil begins to eat ginseng or bird's nest to wait for cordial, really good on had added, also do not know child whether disappear is canned bear.


American parent also cares child food, but parents of China of far be not a patch on. American not hustle child has more, want to be less than the child to take bird's nest absolutely more, american adult also does not take bird's nest. Get the American family with educational high rate, can give child filling calcium actively, forbidden also child drinks the soft drinks such as Coke Cola, still must not take candy more. But American child from can take when moving ladle, rise, begin oneself to have a meal, do all over the face all over the body, the parent also without giving thought to. And American child, from on one grade begins elementary school, eat lunch in the school midday everyday, come home to cook to the child without the parent that says. The student of domestic poverty gets free lunch in the school, want to eat what to eat, the parent is lost sight of at all. The child of the middle class takes a meal to arrive school, do not cross mostly 2 bright treat, a bottle of fruit juice, add a desert. How does the child have, desertion how many, parent utterly ignorant, also ask far from.
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