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French parents how " hope children will have a bright future "
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"Give the child comfortable environment, give them a bit freedom more. " this is experts of French family education the experience that comes out from the summary in the family education of success and failure, to us not without edificatory.

According to French media coverage, french family " hope children will have a bright future " desire and some Chinese are compared and do not have 2 send, they often arrange a series of extracurricular subjects to the child, the study burden of children is aggravating because of this. A parent introspection that calls Keernei says: "My daughter Kaerni just 5 years old, after she comes back from the child-care centre, attend spare class 3 times even every week: Tuesday learns dance, learn gymnastics on Wednesday, learn to skate on the weekend. I discover she is so tired that she do not wish later from ice stand up, my this ability decided to stay these courses, let her pant. Let her pant..

Pedagogic home of France people point out, the course that children learn does not mean acquired thing more more more. A lot of spare course make the purse of parents changes not only shrivelled, still waste the child's much energy, had full time and space only, child ability spurt gives out the scintilla of creation. If ask he goes doing too much thing blindly, can make he produces cheesed psychology. To make the child can better in the future the ground blends in a society, it is more important to guide them to learn to combine group of more certain than the society skills. Accordingly, the parent should take a child to go to a park as far as possible amuse oneself, encourage they and with age the child has society.

The street heart that is in Paris for this gives children put apart a few clearing come, or when drought ice stadium, or make a bicycle practice the ground, or with will build He Qiaoqiao of slide, swing board etc, children play very happily over.

In addition, to learning the arrangement of the respect, parents should listen to the child's opinion seriously, value their option, if be had no feeling for to the child's requirement, this meeting keeps bad memory on child heart.

Experts still think, exceed to a few intelligence constant " small prodigy " , must provide a development space that differs with general child to them, otherwise their clever can be restricted with interest. To this, school of appeal of association of children of French intelligence precocity and society admit those " small prodigy " or " potential is great " children, do not want try every means to make they become like common child. It is reported, in French society especially French school, people not quite the thing that admits to exceed convention, those intelligence exceed constant the child is regarded as normally too make trouble or too sensible, because this begins from one enter a school, people has a variety of ties to these children, or negative the place of their extraordinary, or force them " normalization " . This often makes child learning fails, become indrawn, close gradually oneself or produce animosity to the society. According to statistic, because learning environment is adverse, these " small prodigy " have 1 / 3 do not take middle school diploma, conflict produces with the school or family after 80 % enter teenager period, 10 % commit suicide.
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