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Those who help the child appreciate nature is magical
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Play sand

Let the child look at you to bury the hand in soft dry Sha Li, ask her next: "Where is mom's hand? " the hand that she perhaps can take you or the hand that try to catch you. Catch you the sand on gently her hand upper cover, talk about sand what to feeling be feel with her? (Soft slip again dry) in still can using a few her toys to help her play sand " Tibetan hand " and " seek a hand " game.


Replete in an aspersion canister water, (you also can contain an aspersion canister - drill a few holes in bottom with a clean milk box. ) the child observation water that encourages you flows to the ground in the hole as a child, floret go up or the case on the meadow, discuss these things by wringing the appearance when. If you sprinkle water on her hand, go up with yourself's foot on the foot, she can feel very good to play certainly, you can ask her: "What feeling is water? " if water jar is empty,look to her, came out without current.

Shadow game

Sit in the place that carries Chao Taiyang on the back together with your child, brandish your both hands, let the child see the look that the shadow of the hand is on the ground or waves on the wall, tell the child: "See sign! It is greeting sb with you. " encourage her to catch or take sign with the hand. You also can move the hand that your hand shadow goes to catching her and foot; Let her see the five fingers apart, and the hand shadow of approach; The shadow of the animal toy that perhaps likes most with her goes biting the shadow of her abdomen.

"What did you see? "What did you see??

This is a children's song, when you read aloud this children's song, adopt your child rise, make her OK observe from your shoulder.

"Obviously, obviously, look on my shoulder,

Obviously, obviously, what did you see? What did you see??

"Father, father, I saw a gules young bird "

"Obviously, obviously, look at me! Look at me!!

You can use outside the scenery that see will write this children's song: A big feline Mi, beautiful flower, the leaf of flap is waited a moment.

This kind of game not only OK and promotional child and your parentage, return the observation that can develop her.

Above content is hold an adviser concurrently by seasoned teacher - Susan A. Miller, an educational professor of KUTZTOWN university offers Xifaniya.