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Education of French nursery school and family education are united in wedlock
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The preschool education of high quality should be nursery school education and the organic union that the family teachs, clasp. In France, this already became the consensus of children education worker. To improve children education quality, nursery school established the parent committee that forms by parent delegate and teacher almost. Parent committee is like one year 2, 3 conferences, plan of the curricular setting of discussion nursery school, education, environment is decorated, the problem such as mobile arrangement, with promoting the development of cheeper better.

Walk out of a family as soon as possible to help child, get used to the life of nursery school, the teacher did a large number of works, provide a favorable environment for cheeper in nursery school at the same time, make cheeper sufficient the ground and person, with content interaction, make cheeper likes nursery school; On the other hand, encourage the parent to take an active part in nursery school education, welcome them to come nursery school looks around, visit, study.

Parents also regards educational children is his divine duty, they are participated in actively, support nursery school education energetically. When if send the child in the morning,entering garden, the parent sends the child to the class directly, chat with teacher, other parent, child, just leave later a little while with child play, in order to dispel detached worry of the child, make the child can begin a day of life in garden with good mood; When receiving the child to come home afternoon, parents also was not to receive go, communicate a circumstance actively with the teacher however, consult a problem, cooperate to do the work of good education child jointly with each other.