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The domestic art of Russia children is taught
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Be in Russia, the family values the education of the artistic interest of children and hobby generally, the skill that does not lose opportunity ground to foster them experiences force and percipient, let children accept artistic edification as a child.

On the weekend or holiday, the place that the Russian likes to go most is a theater, often can see over young father and mother procrastinate belt daughter, in spirits comes round to view and admire, and everybody dresses up beautifully neat, some child strike back grasp tuft flower, after the parent prepares to let the child end in the show, that presents oneself liked actor. So, it is commonly after show end, the audience is not to leave hurriedly, they as if to still be intoxicated in beautiful artistic state, and actor respond to a curtain call, young audience displays a flower to last unexpectedly sometimes half hour. The child falls in a public occasion, the hand holds a flower in both hands to be on arena a bit to do not have modest move, really surprising.

Odeum is the Russian looks after children likewise often the place of patronage, the famous symphony that Russia and world each country often perform over there music. When children hear music sedulous, hush is majestic, peremptory a grown audience. The sort of serious bearing, make the person feels they are not at all in add trouble to, admire with pleasure however. They give out applause, do not represent imitate purely, and mean send the joyance from the heart. No matter how much can they understand (that is far not be the mainest) , at least their investment is sincerity. When they hear a concert abstain force to come from this kind of investment just about, and investment is usual be good at giving systematic guidance and the result that permeate edification.

Still have a place that won't be forgotten, that is artistic museum. Ramble one of hobby that artistic museum is a Russian. Before the artwork of museum, you see via regular meeting body of Fu of young father and mother gives directions to the child, explain, and each museum are free to young audience.