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Family education error cannot be not prevented

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Present child great majority is a singleton female. Face unique good-for-nothing or queer character, parents are natural it is to use sufficient scheming to teach, go fostering. But meanwhile, parents often still can arise or put have such doubt: Why we cost so much mental efforts and time to teach the child, but or is education bad? Is the child that our education comes out perfect? The respect is taught in the family, do we have existence error?

Be engaged in the experts that preschool education studies technically, they mastered the achievement of world newest scientific research of this respect; Understand the current situation of Chinese this respect and data again; They have right to speak, we let them elaborate the problem of this respect.

Yuan Ailing teachs institute of science of education of Hua Na Normal University to be opposite many 100 of late according to Guangzhou 0, the test data of 3 years old of infants, put forward vigilance 0, in education of family of 3 years old of infants emphasize particularly on overly intelligence develops and oversight the error that body movement admits. Musical psychology doctor Mr Zhou Haihong waited to offer vigilant parent " consideration forces disease " , also be thought-provoking.

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