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Chengguan District of Lhasa Education Review: Education and advance science an
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In recent years, Lhasa Chengguan District to focus on "effort to seek two changes deal with two kinds of relationships," the objectives and requirements, deepening reform, and actively coordinating urban and rural pre-school, compulsory education, vocational education and the coordinated development of adult education, so that concepts of education, school level, to enhance the quality of education for the local economic and social development and "science and education zone" provides a strong support. Chengguan, the district government has long insisted the focus of education into the development of regional strategies and modernization of the overall planning layout, integrated into all levels of Party committees and governments agenda. Conscientiously implement the "local government, school classification, classification management, the county," the management system and the main leaders personally take charge of the leadership of the specific catch, caught four team leaders coordinate system. Chengguan district levels of government give priority to investment in education, the level fiscal, "Eleventh Five-Year" period, the cumulative investments in education funding over 160 million yuan, average annual growth of 39.4%, accounting for 23.7% of fiscal revenue. Jiangsu has completed secondary school renovation and expansion project, etc., Chengguan District Youth Center of extracurricular activities and the standardization of village-level pre-school building. At the same time accelerating the Guifan Hua Education Information Project construction work, all the schools in the region completed the construction of computer room, a remote educational resources building, started the "three-one" project, Henzhua teacher information technology training, speed up the information of the application of building information to form a good atmosphere. Teachers always Chengguan District of construction as the strategic elements of education reform and development, adhere to the priority development of Teachers in order to build a smashing, full of vigor and vitality of the teaching staff as the goal, the backbone of the training of teachers training, optimization management focus and improve the continuing education system, has formed the basis of school-based training, teacher training is dependent regions, and municipalities, Tibet mainland provinces (municipalities) as the basis, teaching and research staff and key teachers as the main power system of continuing education for teachers, " to establish teacher education, teacher education strong "position and atmosphere of the educational development of a comprehensive form. In 2007, the Chengguan District, the government invested 10 million yuan in Tibet, the first to start a county-level teacher training center, in 2009 completed and put into use, for the full and accelerated pace of construction of teacher professional has played an active role. Chengguan District Board of Education and the introduction of the implementation of the "Chengguan District" during "training program for teachers to go out," actively send teachers to China study tour developed areas of education, promoting teachers broaden horizons, new ideas, "Eleventh Five-Year" period, teachers the number of out study tour to 45% of the total number of teachers. Meanwhile, the Chengguan District has consistently adhered to the concerns of teachers are implemented, the past few years invested a total of more than 800 million, to actively improve the learning of teachers, working and living conditions, only a year, "the three major festivals," condolence payments to issuing 200 million teachers, greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of teachers; 2007, Chengguan District start "Chengguan Garden" and "Gardener Court" building, giving priority to the housing difficulties of teachers; Chengguan District Board of Education and issued a "ten for teachers to solve practical decision," practical measures and practical actions to address the teachers of various worries. Chengguan District adhere to the management to the quality of education, to be effective, the implementation of target management responsibility system of education, and actively create the conditions for running a number of standardized modern school of thought, schools, scientific management model schools, to further enhance the management level, strengthen human management, democratic management and actively explore scientific management, and steadily push forward the "peace, scholarly, civilization, culture, harmony," five types of campus construction. Chengguan District schools fully implement the Party's education policy, adhere to people-oriented, the first man-made education, moral education, led, education simultaneously, and actively promote quality education, teaching and research mechanisms established Area to optimize teaching and research university level model, and actively promoting the concept of advanced education, innovation teaching methods, promoting curriculum reform, the overall education level has improved significantly. Chengguan District has consistently adhered to the fairness of education and public welfare, in accordance with national policy requirements, at present, Chengguan District of urban schools has the full implementation of free education; rural schools to seriously implement the "three guarantees" policy, the implementation of the district government provided fuel subsidies policy for each year Health subsidies for 130 yuan in 2007 alone to 14.6 million, to improve the "three guarantees" student life, school effectiveness has been further improved. Meanwhile, the Chengguan District people's livelihood, to address socially disadvantaged people the practical difficulties of their children to school, established in 2007 100 million per year special student Chengguan District government funds to help area families in the difficult conditions of the successful high school and college students to Student-led government investment mechanism Yi fully formed, only 175 in 2007, Zijin poor student of Health issued 55 million. Currently, the Chengguan District has one junior high, 13 complete primary teaching point 5, a vocational training center, 44 pre-school institutions. Chengguan District education system becoming more and more, and the consolidation of school-age children enrollment rate reached 100%, high school gross enrollment rate of 83%.