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Lhasa Chengguan District to promote the balanced development of compulsory ed
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In recent years, Lhasa Chengguan District adhere to the comprehensive development of education, and actively promote the "features sports, high culture, folk art, culture honorific" into the campus activities, the formation of different characteristics of urban and rural schools, a lively pattern of development. This is the second primary school in Lhasa Chengguan District students made famous song (picture).杨正林 photo 29 to 30 November, autonomous regions and promote the balanced development of compulsory site meeting was held in Lhasa Chengguan District, from the region around the (city) representatives from the educational front through observation and communication, sincere praise Chengguan District of Lhasa in promoting compulsory education the process of balanced development of scientific management methods and approaches. Song Heping District Director of the Office of Education highly praised: "The idea of Chengguan District of education is not only clear, and effective measures, and work is meticulous solid, well managed!" Source of standardized management specification In recent years, Lhasa Chengguan District to implement the party's education policies, according to intensify efforts to standardize school behavior, and resolutely implement the compulsory education policy of the city public schools free of charge, regulate student record management, and strict implementation of "vicinity, designated Area Admissions" system, efforts to ease the "choice hot" issues; adhere to educational equity, school migrant children to actively implement the "city treatment", the current account for the Chengguan District of migrant children in the proportion of students has reached 57%. Meanwhile, the Chengguan District vigorously implement the target responsibility system for urban and rural education, and effectively the full implementation of the Education Bureau Dudao Shi, Department of teacher training centers and other functions of the department, adhere to both the daily inspection and semester examination, pay close attention to tracking the work of school inspection process management and dynamic guidance. Especially for schools "burden" of work unremittingly, to take "principal internal reference," "photographs" and other forms of feedback from schools on a regular basis, "burdens" and other outstanding problems of work and timely rectification. Focus on performance enhancements moral Chengguan District of Lhasa to actively improve and implement the responsibility system under the School Committee, Representative Assembly, parent committees and other systems, and promote democratic governance, strengthen management efforts. Principal training in various forms to enhance the past 3 years, only the principal study tour to the Mainland amounted to 362 (times), the effective promotion of the principal changes in philosophy, ability to enhance performance of their duties; Vice President of the implementation of public competition for primary school system, seven outstanding teachers to leadership positions; the implementation of school principals, secretary of the work commitment, debriefing system, establish and improve the education system at every level. Chengguan District of Lhasa City, the first man to firmly establish education, moral education, led, comprehensive development of the education-oriented, to "cultivate the kind of person, training people for whom" question put prominent position in education, vigorously strengthen and improve young people's ideological and moral and Moral Education. Chengguan District to report regularly to listen to moral education in schools, the school uniform for the region to hire outside legal vice president, legal counselors, school counselors more than 80 people, and constantly enhance the school, family, social mechanisms of moral trinity of the initiative and effectiveness. At the same time, strengthen the financial security, in Lhasa 50 per student funding on the basis of moral education, Chengguan District and then an additional 50 yuan per student moral education funds, for the efficient conduct of moral education provides a solid guarantee. Individual advocacy to enhance teacher Chengguan District of Lhasa City, efforts to expand the autonomy of schools in schools, encouraging schools to colleges and universities should be in accordance with, the principle of one school, one policy, and steadily promote "peace, scholarly, civilization, culture, harmony," the five campuses, and actively promote the "features sports, elegant cultural, ethnic art, culture honorific "into the campus, and strive to explore break the" thousands of schools side "of the development bottleneck, the formation of different characteristics of urban and rural schools, a lively pattern of development, efforts to cultivate the development of Tibet, the quality characteristics of the national education and the progressive realization of the people from the "school choice" to "Optional Features" change. Chengguan District of Lhasa balanced focus on the development of each student, introduced the "Chengguan District School" Chuyingzhengzhang "evaluation program", the abolition of the "good student" evaluation system, combining school characteristics and practical, to evaluate the affects in order to " Chuyingzhengzhang "as a means to class as a unit, the implementation of personalization for all students to evaluate and enhance the evaluation of each student's motivation function. Meanwhile, the Lhasa Chengguan District has also implemented the "urban-rural interaction, sharing of resources and balanced development" as the principle mechanism for teaching and research Area, with urban and rural areas, three to four schools for a Area, adhere to the Area of teaching and research funding is not capped to protect the the Area of teaching and research carried out efficiently, to promote a balanced education to improve teaching; actively improve teacher training centers, Area teaching and research, schools, tertiary teaching and research mechanisms for timely to explore solutions to problems in curriculum reform, and actively developing new courses and Mode of teaching, curriculum reform of basic education held briefing, teaching and research forums, competitions and collective classes and papers "open class", "model lesson", "to observe classes," "Curriculum Reform Star" rating and sending teaching activities , steady progress in the localization of educational research, school-based, concrete; actively developed area of education for the mainland intellectual support, and Beijing, Jiangsu and other assistance to teach their counterparts in municipal, district, school to establish a "going out, please come in, hand in hand" counterparts in other forms of assistance to teach platform, and certain research activities undertaken each year. Past 3 years, come in from the 51 developed areas of education experts and outstanding Jiaoshi conduct education classes and teacher training lecture; investment in the region more than 1,200 million in the first to start the county level teacher training center, Gao Zhiliang Teacher professional to meet the urban and rural development of the centralized training needs. Vigorously carry out various types of training through Lhasa Chengguan District teachers, especially teachers under the age of 45, comprehensive capabilities and applications of information technology has been more substantial level of improvement of information to form a good atmosphere.