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Lhasa: Dry paid tutor teacher assessment of the affected titles
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Recently, the National Education Ministry spokesman at a regular briefing Mei Quan said, firmly opposed to teachers to use his position for personal gain paid tutor behavior. In this regard, the Lhasa City Bureau of Education and teachers in the post requirements shall not engage in or participate in paid tutor, otherwise, shall not participate in the title of the year assessment. A veto provision shall not participate in job classification Yesterday, reporters from the Bureau of Education and learned in Lhasa, the Lhasa City Bureau of Education and issued in April this year, according to the "on efforts in the junior titles in 2008 and grass-roots organization studies are recommended to inform the work" which requires teachers to engage in or participate in the post Paid Family, we must resolutely investigate and deal with the implementation of Morals "vote veto", the title of the year may not be involved in assessment. Lhasa Municipal Bureau of Education and the relevant responsible person said: "The holiday is rest and improve the professional level of teachers a good time. Some schools also clear that teachers engaged in paid tutor in the post, you may not participate in the school's year-end evaluation." The official also said that teachers in the post if they find the people engaged in paid tutor, you can call to report 6325339,6323171. After receiving a report the education sector, will immediately investigate the case, will the record record. Investigate the phenomenon of teachers exists in the Paid Family Reporter investigation that, although a variety of remedial classes in Lhasa some cities in the Mainland market is not rich, but in the post paid teachers in the tutoring phenomenon still exists. It is understood that the annual summer vacation, teachers are engaged in paid tutor in the post peak period. Some private schools during the holidays, offering a variety of remedial classes, invited teachers to teach in the post, you can recruit more students to attend remedial classes. Students facing pressure, the parents would require teachers to leave their children extra lessons. Some people oppose the view was accepted For post paid tutor in the behavior of teachers, the public divided. Some people think we can accept, Ms. Wang said: "In China, this phenomenon is widespread, in the post of teachers engaged in what can not not paid tutoring, after all, teaching is the teacher's long-term, you can also Zhengdian 'extra money'." Held and Ms. Wang is also a lot of people the same view of the public. However, some people also hold opposing views, Mr Zhang believes that the special status of teachers of teachers decided to act, if the tutor to focus on in the paid, but also how to better teaching, not as we have missed one or two a student.