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Filial filial piety does not depend on young children tutor
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Each life from birth to adulthood, all the time permeated with the love of their parents wholeheartedly. Logically, the parents get old, the grams of filial piety is only natural. But in real life, "filial" is often people came in second place. Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences survey, more than 20% of parents said their children filial piety is not enough. In other words, the average of every five elderly people, there is a live in "filial children," the shadow. Many elderly people rarely visit their children in reflecting; he is the children's nurse, part-time ... ... Survey, 71.63% of young people believe that filial piety is the meaning of "good care of their own parents." It was suggested that parents have enough money; some say to ensure that their physical health; also stated that the old man is the "Old Boy", coax a coax that is needed every few days. In fact, the spirit of filial piety also includes the understanding of life and comfort, is the emotional rapport with their parents, but also soul'll stay with the children of their parents the truth. On filial piety, there is an old story: a couple of very filial to his elderly parents thrust into the old house, with a small wooden bowls to send the elderly eat leftovers. One day, their son carved piece of wood, one asked, the children say, "I carved wooden bowls, and so easy to use you old." Couple of their senses, throw away wooden bowls, a good caring for the elderly, the son also changed their attitude. Indeed, filial piety is a moral quality, is an acquired culture. The so-called "support does not teach, the father of it," want to have a filial child, to be in the family, their kids feel "love" education and "filial piety" and nurtured. Specifically, it may drip from the culture of everyday life, to establish the correct concept of filial piety. First, a clear family relationship. Family, should be to create a seniority environment for kids to know Seniority Rules. Such as other parents and elders all here to eat; watch TV first seek the views of their elders and so on. Second, adhere to the details of the training. Child's moral standards and habits almost entirely under the guidance of parents established. Therefore, according to the child's age and ability, specific requirements. For example, kindergarten and primary school children can ask them to "go home and parents take the initiative to say hello"; students may request "take the initiative to take care of sick parents," and so on. Third, the parents lead by example. Children imitate the most good, just like their parents "mirror." Therefore, parents must not allow the family appears above the "little wooden bowls." Information that you give your parents today, pour a glass of water, the future of your children may end a bowl of soup, to your bed.