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Three smart kids tutoring Mistakes
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Around us, there are a lot of intelligence ahead of the development of smart kids, many parents would be wise to spend more effort educating the children, but do not know: the child's physical and mental development of smart, often due to some extraordinary development of intelligence is not caused by balance. This imbalance, if parents can not be understood, you can not take appropriate measures to safeguard the child's physical and mental development, but also not for the children the full development of the intellectual advantages of a good foundation. Therefore, to guide the wise healthy growth of children, parents must be removed in understanding some of the errors. Error one: "a good equal to the door the door is good." Some parents believe that children more excellent, more to the intellectual development of all aspects of outstanding performance. Such as: Mathematics extraordinary children, then parents expect him to reading, painting, dance, performance, etc. are also extraordinary outstanding. Expert opinion: So think parents do not know, smart child mental development is uneven. Some 5-year-old children in a particular aspect of intelligence can reach the level of around 9 years old, while in other areas is still close to the actual age. If parents require them in all disciplines, all activities have demonstrated extraordinary intelligence, it will make them can not be achieved due to expectations of the parents exhausted, the result, but the psychological pressure that they lost more than ordinary intellectual potential of children . Countermeasures: Parents must understand the intellectual development of children tendentious intelligent children grasp the characteristics of prevailing circumstances it is smarter to play a unique child mental edge. Myth: "IQ higher in emotional intelligence." Some parents think: Since children mature intelligence, then, in the emotional development of children should also be run in front of the ordinary. They can not accept the child as naive as ordinary children. For example, they find it very strange: the ease with children and adults to discuss scientific problems at the same time, also climbed to her mother's lap, nestled in her arms, to her mother Baoyi Bao, a kiss. Expert opinion: These parents do not know, smart children are children first, they have extraordinary emotional intelligence does not mean that development has become mature, they and their peers as ordinary children, but also emotional excitement, exposure of sexual and family to meet the needs. Emotional development of children has its own characteristics, which the child's intellectual talent is not directly related to parents who do not pay attention to meet the child's emotional needs, the children of their innocence often because of lack of understanding uneasy. Countermeasures: Parents should be aware of the characteristics of emotional development of children so that they can enjoy the demonstration of innocence, childlike, so that the creative talent of their unique atmosphere in an appropriate environment full of play. Myth: "Do not, and Ben Xiaohai get together." Parents know the child's physical development and the wise general "Ben Xiaohai" is the same, but still often have this situation: the parents see the smart kids and the older children to talk or mental game, will be very happy. And to see them doing sports, playing games, and even the same age, "Ben Xiaohai" company, and will be very angry. They believe that this will affect the child as soon as possible extraordinary talent. Expert opinion: In fact, the smart intellectual development of children is just much faster than ordinary children, and their level of physical development, and no more than peers. If parents of children deprived of their right to play with peers, it will affect the child's growth and development, so that their height, weight, vital capacity, muscle strength lagged behind their peers. Down the child's physical clever, brain development, cognitive development will also be affected. Countermeasures: To unlock the smart kids and parents of children with the activities of the same age game ban, so that children in the activities of both the exercise the body, but also the development of the brain.