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Winter is busy tutoring students in Lhasa
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"In the long winter, you want your child to ordinary life? In this competitive society, you should arrange for your child to improve academic performance of a holiday, up by telephone contact us Tuition for your child in English, mathematics, chemistry, physics ... .... "With the advent of winter in Lhasa in winter, the tutoring market in Lhasa began to perk up, while the students were also active among the" tutor army "in the Improve their ability, but also like to take this opportunity to support themselves. 28 afternoon, the reporter saw an employment agency in the Hongqiao, with the advent of winter break, students are also looking for tutors to work more. University student who is registered told reporters that he mainland students of Tibet University, the British are good at Language, mathematics, language, etc., there is a tutor at the high school experience, with rich experience in tutoring. Also according to the level of child subjects, develop a detailed plan winter tutoring, learning through a winter vacation, you can Significantly improved children's performance. Asked fees, the student told reporters that the charges for each hour of 20 to 30. "I also want to tutor in all aspects to improve their ability to earn tuition for next year." The student said. The same tutor positions in the search for Dolma told reporters that while many college students are learning while working, there are Saturday and Sunday to do product promotion, advertising companies are running ads to help. University of himself next year Graduated, their English is better, to counseling middle and high school English. School holidays, and looking for a tutoring job for next year to provide a contact of employment opportunities in the community, but also want to improve the self-tutoring Have the ability to live independently.