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Pregnant Mom is sedentary more terrible than computer radiate!

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Introduction: Well-known, computer radiate is right fetal have undesirable effect. But expert of be pregnant with points out, the harm of computer itself, far the undesirable environment in be inferior to office building and way of sedentary immobile work are old to the female's harm.

Does pregnant mammy appear what special situation can produce undesirable effect to darling?

Malpractice of ● duty field

People is used to a miscarriage that produces at white-collar pregnant woman or new student be born blemish is accusing at computer. Director Zhang Rongzhu explains expert of be pregnant with, the harm of computer itself, far the undesirable environment in be inferior to office building and way of sedentary immobile work are old to the female's harm. The female is sitting for long to work, the activity is little, influence blood circulates, pelvic press press forces uterine blood to circulate not free, let the mother's body is harmed and affect darling health. To late pregnant woman, the body that oneself invite during the job " move rise " particularly important.

● disease

Hypertensive: Once the patient is pregnant, blood pressure can lift, occurrence pregnancy hypertension is asked for integratedly, affect fetal growth. Diabetic: If the patient is pregnant, the meeting is right fetal each system growth all causes an effect, affect fetal health badly. Late pregnant woman must make a thorough investigation of thoroughly whether does him Hunan contract this disease.

The late pregnant woman of 33 years old of above suffers from diabetic possibility to want than woman of many years old 20 a lot of taller. Thyroid disease: It is the hormone inside body secretes unusual be caused by, after the patient is pregnant easy cause fetal growth abnormal. Reproductive path contracts a disease: Can serious effect is fetal and healthy.

If above was enrolled in a few kinds of ill misfortune, want to have treatment according to the illness first, control is pregnant again after normal level.

● takes wrong drug

Generally speaking, the time that take drug happens in pregnant 3 weeks of less than, call safety period. If do not have any abortive evidence, state medicaments did not cause an effect to embryo, can continue gravid. Pregnant comes 3 weeks 8 Gao Min period is inside week. Embryo is most right now sensitive to the influence of medicaments, the medicaments that send abnormal can bring about fetal deformation. Pregnant to pregnant 8 weeks 5 months call 4 ~ in quick period. It is right now fetal each organ is farther development maturity period, relatively sensitive also to the poisonous side-effect of medicaments. 5 months above weighs pregnant low quick period. Right now fetal each organ is basic already development, inferior to the sensitivity of medicaments, after using drug seldom appear to misshape apparently, but can appear the development with differ degree unusual or limitation is damaged, take drug right now must very discreet.

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