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4 kinds of methods check the child is cloddish and verbal

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When child language is rough, parents may unusual shock, but this avoids very hard, because study ability of the child is strong, want him to hear others to say only, meet very easily society. After discovering the child says vulgar language, some parents are more anxious, think the child learns bad, prohibit forcibly with rough way, can be being done so is infructuous. So, how should parents implement education?

1, the word that if cannot accept the child,says or flagrant the dialect that he talks, parents should indicate your position to him instantly, say to him for instance: "Everybody respects our home others, we a moment ago never talked in that way like you. We a moment ago never talked in that way like you..

2, Qing Dynasty of part of one's job criticises the object is rough language, is not the child. Want the right that chooses afresh to him at the same time. You can use joking tone to say: "Do you want to say in that way really? " when if the child realizes the mistake tries,be being corrected, parents should thanks, teach him esteem others with him real operation.

3, dot is in angry, bilk bilk, disappointed or be when feeling nobody are very fond of, can say bad word, behave gracelessly inurbane, bunt parents. Normally the mood of this kind of extreme won't last too for a long time, encounter this kind of situation so, parents still had better restrain his anger.

4, quiet ground, patient ground tells about him to the child inurbane your heart when bunting is experienced, although a child of 3 years old also can understand him,hurt your feeling.

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